Wednesday, March 10, 2010

GoG 66: The Possibilities

My job at the writing center is gonna end at the end of next month .... and I don't know what second part-time (or even full-time job outside of youth group) I'm gonna find. I don't wanna sit behind a desk all day or grade SAT tests or something lame like that. I want to work with kids and youth! At the least - interact with people on a fairly intimate level ... no "how are you's?" and "how can I help you's" over the phone. Blah. Give me some people, yo!!!! :D

Several weeks ago, I found a summer camp at Ben Davis Christian Church. It's a Monday through Friday gig .... and I'd get to hang out with kids all day everyday! And be outside too! Sounds amazing, I know! ..... Well, Monday I found another summer camp job at the Avon park. I am applying for both!!!!! We'll see if I get accepted to one. But oh, the possibilities! And those possibilities are my grace for last Monday. God gives us things to hope for. God gives us opportunities to look forward to. God fulfills our dreams and desires and hopes!!!! Now, that's grace!

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