Friday, March 19, 2010

GoG 76: The W.O.W. Hearts

I finally found a small group!

Recently, I stopped going to my parents' small group because Andy (one of my SoZo guys) wanted to start up a Sr. High Bible Study on the same night. I can't resist my SoZo kids ... so I agreed to tag along for the ride. We recently switched the night to Mondays instead ... and I've been looking for a small group to go to. I set out looking for a college-age group somewhere ('cause my church doesn't have one, sadly). I haven't had any luck .... but I did find another small group ... the W.O.W. (Women of Worth) group at Andrea Shuman's house every other Thursday. I've been wanting to join this group for quite a while but couldn't until now. So I'm excited.

Sharing my heart wtih ... and seeing more into the hearts of these ladies last night was a huge blessing. And I think this group is going to be an anchor and a great encouragement in the coming months! And the sharing of hearts was my GoG yesterday. :)

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