Wednesday, March 10, 2010

GoG 62: The Little Brother

Last Thursday, my brother came home to get my dad's car. He was driving down to Florida with some of his buddies the next day. So I got to see him for a whole 3 hours before he left. Wahoo. Ha! .... Well, I took what I could get.

I bought him some things to take on the trip (since it was our birthday on Saturday and all ... yes, we share the same birthday ... and he's two years younger than I am ... weird, I know ... but fun).
- A beach towel taller than he is
- A travel pillow (to which he texted me Saturday morning telling me "This pillow is money" ... in Wes language, that means he really likes it!) Yay!
- A frisbee
- And mixed nuts ... yeah, he's a health nut, so I thought it fit him well. ;)
He was pretty excited.

And I fixed him breakfast the next morning before he left for the trip ... to which he said ... "Thanks, Mike!"

We also laughed together quite a bit ... we do that when he comes home. :)

A night with the little brother. I have a little brother. Thank you, God. Oh, your grace is so sweet!

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