Friday, March 19, 2010

GoG 72: The Humiliating Experience

Sunday night, after SoZo, was rough for me. Although Acquire the Fire was good overall, it was a rough weekend in some ways. A few little things happened/were said that got me down. I struggle with insecurities (as we all do) ... one of the big ones for me is feeling inadequate ... in several areas but specifically with SoZo. I know I'm where God wants me, but I still struggle with my insecurities in this area of my life.

Well, I was worn out from the weekend, dwelling too much on those few little things ... and discouraged about an individual in my group. The situation after youth group on Sunday left me humiliated, disrespected, and feeling even more burned out and inadequate than before. ... But somehow, by God's grace, I remembering thinking ... "Now I know ..." ... The details of this story are vague to you all ... because they must be. But hopefully you get my drift - something humiliating happened to me, but God gave me a greater understanding that did and will help me see things through His eyes a little better. And really, that's all we need to know, huh? :)

God, in all of His grace, can use humiliating experiences for our good. Man, He's good! ;)

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Wani said...

Just think of the humiliating experiences that the disciples went through. I'm sure they all had their insecurities too. I know I have my own - I have plenty of days when I feel like I must be totally screwing up my kids. But God is using me all the time whether I feel it or not and I know He's using you too. Keep on keepin' on girl!!