Friday, March 19, 2010

GoG 73: The Prayer Text

So ... I have this really cool friend named Hannah Baker ... and she is not only cool but amazing!!!! :) .... I've been really struggling with content over the past week .... a lot in general over the past few years ... but specifically this week. Hannah and I have been working through it together in a lot of ways.

Well, Monday was a really rough day for me .... springing off of my Acquire the Fire/humiliating experience I mentioned in my last few posts. And I texted Hannah asking for prayer .... and this was her reply ....

"You got it. ... 'Lord, I ask that You lift the discouragement from Mical's heart. Cover her with Your love, Your peace, and give her contentment. Thank You that she is coming to You, and thank You for her friendship. Give her strength tonight. Allow these feelings to give way to joy. Thank You, Lord, for Your presence in our lives.' ... I LOVE YOU, MICAL ... will keep praying for you tonight."

Isn't that an amazing prayer??? I was incredibly blessed that she didn't just say "I'll pray for you" ... but that she actually sent her prayer to me! Oh, written prayers are such a blessing! And her prayer really helped me through the rest of the day. Yet another glimpse of God's grace in my life. :)

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