Monday, March 22, 2010

GoG 79: The Jon Friend

So ... today I got to chat with my dear friend, Jon. Gosh, I love that guy! ..... We've been going to the same church together for several years ... but lately, over the past year or so, we haven't been able to stay in touch as well. ... Oh, we see each other just about every Sunday ... but usually, all I get is a wink or a wave or a smile from the stage or a "hey, how's it goin'?" And a lot of the time, none of the above 'cause our paths don't always cross at church. Sometimes, we get to squeak a little more out when we play football with the gang ... but not always.

But today .... oh yeah! :)

I was so encouraged and filled with joy, really, when Jon walked with me to the football field when I first got to the game. I almost burst with joy when he told me he asked for me to be on his team (I had previously told him that I wanted to be on his team). I was excited to get a hug from him ... as well as several winks and smiles and laughs. He also made fun of me quite a bit .... all those guys do. I must have the "lame disease" or something. ;) Haha! And I was blessed to get to chat with him as we walked back to our cars when we left the game. I was able to chat with him just a little about his wife and son ... we didn't chat too long ... but he did say ... "I think about you a lot and your friendship." And I was incredibly blessed to know that he thinks of me as a dear friend .... because I just love him to death! I would give my life for that guy! Jon is one of the few people in my life whom I would literally say, to his face, "You just make me feel better about life." He really is one of my "pick-me-up" friends. He just holds a really special place in my heart.

We had the chance to chat and interact and laugh a lot together today. And it's long-time friends who are one of God's greatest glimpses of grace in our lives. Thank you, Lord, for friendship!

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