Friday, March 12, 2010

GoG 69: The Child's Prayer (Part 2)

Well ... I'm sort of on time with this. It's 12:15am, so I'm a little late .... but at least I only have one to write instead of 12, 18, or 227.

I think I had several glimpses of grace today ...
- The weather was warmer ... rainy but warmer (warmer than 25 degrees ... so that's good) ... I also kind of like chilly (50 degrees) and rainy ... it would get old after a while (like, I think I'll be tired of it by the end of the weekend) ... but I was good with it today. :)
- I talked with a middle-eastern girl about her upcoming marriage today in the writing center. We actually collaborated in writing a play about her proposal experience. We laughed and worked well together - good session.
- I got to go to after school ... and I was so blessed even though I didn't feel like going beforehand.
- I listened to a really cool lady, who happens to be a youth pastor, named Jeanne Mayo ... and her talk about "Surviving the Pressures and Demands of Youth Ministry" was a huge blessing. Reminded me to keep an ETERNAL PERSPECTIVE. ALWAYS a good reminder!
- I snuggled with my blanket, some popcorn, some sweet tea, and Sister Act 2 tonight .... and teared up and got all excited when the folks in the movie started singing and dancing and winning the all-state music competition!
- I got to spend time with some of my SoZo kids .... sr. high Bible study was tonight ... always good to see my kids.

... I think I could keep going. But one GoG that stands out is little Hannah praying at after school. There's just something about a child praying. I've posted about her prayers before. But I found myself, during her prayer, grinning really big and joy welling up inside me. It was for different reasons this time ... mostly just that she is so young and yet she grasps the things of God. A child's prayer really is an amazing thing if we just stop and take the time to listen and take it all in. Praise you, Lord, for grabbing some of us when we are so incredibly young. Thank you for saving some of us at such a young age. It is only by your grace that little children can know you truly and wholly.

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Anonymous said...

Eternal perspective, snuggly blankets, children's prayers, writing center enthusiasm, sweet tea, after-school sweetness......this sounds like Mical in a nutshell!