Wednesday, March 10, 2010

GoG 68: The ATF Trip

I spent a good chunk of the day today getting ready for our SoZo trip to Muncie for Acquire the Fire. Acquire the Fire (ATF) is a Friday night/Saturday event devoted to worship and getting into God's word for teenagers! I went when I was a freshman in high school ... haven't been back since ... but it was tons of fun and really pointed me back to Christ.

Since Pastor Mike and Shelley left over 2 years ago now, SoZo hasn't done any real trips. Sure, we went to King's Island a couple of times ... but nothing really great - nothing life-changing. This year, we are going to Acquire the Fire and Nashville, TN for a mission trip. I'm pretty stoked about it!

This weekend's trip should be great! And prepping for it today helped me remember what a privilege it is to go on trips like this, how fun they are, and how much I've missed them. And by God's grace, we are going again! Praise the Lord!

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