Friday, March 19, 2010

GoG 74: The Pride and Prejudice Prayer

Well, this is a very girlie thing to blog about ....... good thing I'm a girl, eh? :D

I watched Pride and Prejudice the other night (one of my favorite movies ... probably in my top ten) ... and the scene at the very end of the movie where Mr. Darcy is kissing Mrs. Darcy (Elizabeth) on the cheek and then on the nose and then on the other cheek and then finally on the lips ... all the while saying "Mrs. Darcy" ... this scene always gives me those warm fuzzies and googly eyes and future husband-ish kinds of desires. Like it does any girl who is truly a girl. ;)

But the other night this scene did more than all of this for me. .... Believe it or not, it actually pointed me to thoughts of Jesus. :) I shut off the movie and wrote in my prayer journal the following prayer. And the fact that this movie moved me to thoughts about my relationship with Jesus is, amazingly, God's grace in action in my life. :)

My Prayer:
It's cheesy, but in watching Pride and Prejudice tonight, I am reminded of my love story with You. You know my heart. You know how much I desire to find and be with my future husband. That desire is becoming stronger all the time. It's getting more and more difficult to wait. I battle discontentment in this area of my life. But Lord, I know that You are standing right by my side. Lord, I know that You have a plan for my singleness as well as my married life. Help me trust You with all of this. Help me be content. Help me be patient. Help me desire more of You.
as Pride and Prejudice ended tonight, I let out a sigh, wishing for a love story like Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. But then I was reminded of my love story with You. I was reminded that You are so much more than any Mr. Darcy You could give me. You stirred my heart and brought my thoughts back to You. Continue helping me desire You above all else. Even though I desire an earthly love story, I know that it will not compare to the perfect and eternal love relationship that I have with You. Lord, never let me desire anyone or anything more than I desire You. I want You, Lord. And I want You to be my all forever.
Thank You, Jesus. Keep working in my heart, and be glorified in me. I love You, Lord."

After reading through this prayer again, I see that I've repeated myself - each paragraph repeats the same big ideas. Interesting to think about. As I kept writing, I kept processing the thoughts that this movie brought to mind .... and in saying them back to God, it helped me grasp the depth of these thoughts. Hmm ... interesting.

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Anonymous said...

I've only seen that version of P&P once... but, oh my Goodness, your recounting that scene made me all gushy-hearted and giggly-throated. :) Guess I'm a girly girl at heart, too.

Glad to hear that you are still giving God the pen to your love story. It's hard, oh, I know, dear, I know!
But the longer we wait, the more we understand, the more deeply we grasp, how incredible our Jesus is!

Honestly, if I would have been married right out of high school, I wouldn't have learned to lean on Jesus for all my comfort, all my strength, all my desire, all my joy, all my help, all my hope, all my comfort again........yes, there are times that I seek other things and not Jesus. I slip my eyes off of Him and onto the world.
But He always receives me again!
And He is my all in all........yes, I do still hunger to be married--very much so. (make sure I emphasize this so God doesn't get the wrong idea....ha, just kidding!)
I've begun to realize that I only want to be married if the man is really a picture of Jesus Christ, my first Love.
I would rather be single and freely consumed with My Jesus, then married to a basic church-going type who doesn't showcase the grit and glory and grace of My King and Husband of my Soul.
Dear God, may I keep uttering this prayer with a sincere and undivided heart!