Wednesday, September 17, 2008

An Afternoon with Barrett

Whew! What a long morning! Getting up at 5:30am to exercise has been good, but man! The mornings seems so much longer! I am wiped out already ... and falling asleep in my classes - eek! I think my body still needs time to get used to getting up so early! Whoa! ... But anyway! I'm taking a break from my busy morning to post about a little guy I've been thinking about a lot this week. :)

Yep, I'm talking about Barrett Nilsen - my favorite little guy in the world!!! I got to spend the afternoon with him on Sunday and had the time of my life! The Higher Ground/Grace folks went to Q'doba for lunch on Sunday afternoon, and the Nilsens came too. :) Yay Mike, Judy, Alec, and Barrett! ... Barrett was super fun at lunch - being the crazy-fun 6 year old that he is. :) He was jumping from lap to lap and talking non-stop! Way too much fun!!! ... He sat on my lap for awhile, and when Mike and Judy left, he told me he was going to the Children's Museum with Ben. He said, "You can come with us if you want to." And pretty much from that moment, I was determined to go! ;) When your favorite little guy invites you to come along, you go! ;) I've been wanting to get to know Barrett better for a long while, so I knew I was going with them! :D And a funny note - later, during lunch, Barrett and Ben were getting ready to leave, talking about the Children's Museum ... and Barrett looked at me and said, "I don't think you're coming." I laughed and told Ben that he must've changed his mind about me coming. Ha! It was pretty funny. ;) So Ben, Brittney, and Barrett left for the CM, and I finished chatting with some folks. After I dropped Tiff off at the church, I called Ben and asked if I could tag along on their adventure to the CM. :)

By the time I got there, they had seen much of the place, so we only stayed an hour or so longer. But during that time, I had Barrett nearly all to myself! I let Ben and Brittney talk, and I followed Barrett all over the building. We crawled under the train displays, ran through the black light maze, sat in a submarine, ran from a "bomb" on the main floor of the submarine (Barrett pushed a button; it started flashing ... we decided the submarine might blow up, so we ran away!), and my favorite event - we had a sword fight with the funky-shaped glass creations in the basement of the CM. All our adventures were the highlight of my week ... but my favorite part (hands down!) was when we were walking to the parking garage at the end of the day. We walked out the doors of the CM, and Barrett ran to me and grabbed my hand. He held my hand the whole way back to the parking garage, until he kissed me on the arm and Ben pulled him away saying "Girls are gross, Barrett!" *Another side note .... what exactly is Ben saying here? Is he really saying that GIRLS are gross or that MICAL is gross!? Ha ha! Either way ... I was bummed that he pulled my new little friend away! Barrett put up a fight though. He grabbed my hand again and wouldn't let go! ... It truly was the best part of my week - kisses from Barrett? What is better!? ;) *Yet another side note .... I think I lied to you, James Nilsen - whoops. ;) I DO love it when littlun's grab my hand as we walk ... and hugs from 'em ... and, in this case, kisses! .... Okay - back to the point! ;)

My time with Barrett on Sunday afternoon was one of the best times I've had in awhile. :) I keep telling Ben that I want to steal him, plop him down in my room, and just talk with him all day long! Some folks may not see the joy in hanging out with little kids ... maybe it's one of those simply joys in my life ... but really - try it sometime! Kids are incredibly fun and can teach you a lot!

An afternoon with Barrett ... the highlight of my week! And I'm still excited about it 3 days later! ;) .... My advice to all you fellow bloggers ... spend some time with Barrett - and soon! :)


JAN said...

Did you read the post I wrote about a DAY with Barrett? All the questions he asks? He's more like Benjamin than Benjamin is.
I'm glad you had fun with him. He came home and told me you'd gone and that he'd given you some kisses. :-)
He needs friends like you-I'm too tired to crawl under train displays, run through mazes and sword fight. Good grief! What was the Lord thinking when he gave me another boy at 40?!

bnilsen said...

Hi Mical -

Yep, he pretty much loved that day. I enjoyed it too, watching you two was so much fun. It made me feel like an old man though - the last time I went to the CM I was the one scrambling about.

You aren't gross in the slightest. He's just such a little flirt that I was trying to balance him out a bit!
: ) When I was about his age I remember thinking that girls were a waste of oxygen.

See ya,