Monday, September 15, 2008

Gettin' some balance to this crazy life!!!! :D

Well, I'm at it again! ... Posting while I'm at school. .... I got here early, read my Bible for a bit and then studied for a bit ... I'm entitled to a post, don'tcha think? ;) Ha ha!

Well, just want to share something new I started today ... and plan to continue! It's kind of a new goal, I guess you could say. ... I've been trying to find some balance in my life since school started back on that crazy first day - August 20, 2008. Lots of crazy things hit just a couple weeks before school started, and I have been struggling to find purpose, motivation, balance, and SANITY! ;) Well, I've been crying out to God a lot lately ... trusting Him, growing in Him - good stuff. And this morning I began my road to BALANCE! I'm working on balancing my school work, commuting to and from school, exercise, relationships, ministries, "sane time" (some time to simply REST!), and of course - my walk with God. :) I've been really struggling ... but I'm on my way!!!!! This morning, I got up super early (yep, 5:30am - bluck!), packed my lunch, packed my bag, and headed to the Fitness Experts (our local workout arena!). I RAN and walked for a bit, took a shower, grabbed my granola bars and apple, and headed to school.

It is AMAZING the energy and clear mind and sense of hope and joy and strength that is surrounding me this morning!!! I may not be this "peppy" every morning (after getting up at 5:30am! Blaaahhh!), but today, I'm off to an amazing start! (It also helps that I prayed with my pastor about some things last night, and I'm closer to surrendering some things! But that's a side note!) ;) ... Exercising early in the morning will give me more time to rest and do homework and spend time with the Lord in the evenings. And then I'll get up and do it all over again!

My purpose is back! (Not that it ever really left!) God is faithful! I may have bummer moments, down days, and the like at times .... but God is standing at my side - pushing me, loving me through, and growing me up in Him AND in my abilities! Yay for having purpose in Jesus!!!

Have a great week, my blogger friends! Keep leaning on Jesus! Keep seeking after Him and loving Him more with each BREATH! He is ALL that we need! :D


JAN said...

Amen and Amen Mical. Good for you!
Jesus bless you this week.
love you-

Wani said...

I needed to read this post today. I'm having alot of trouble surrendering my son and his health and life to God. I want to fix him myself and move on but we all know it doesn't really work that way. Thanks for the encouraging words. Hope you have a great day!

bmhs said...

Alright! Early birds rule the roost. :) That run will make you feel so good and productive! Great idea....balancing schedules is hard....just keep the priorities straight, and all will be well!
May Jesus gives us His strength when our schedules aren't functioning, and to Him be the glory when they are!

Alex :)