Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mical's Wish List

Hey! So I just got the idea to post my wish list on here! You all should do it too!!! (Maybe I'll keep your wishes in mind for your next birthday!) ;) ... The thought just hit me. :) And knowing the kinds of things that I like (that I WANT) can help you know me a bit better, I think. Yeah! I'll post my "wish list," and you post yours! Then we'll know more about each other. Yep ... let's do it! ;)

Mical's Wish List (as of right now anyway) ... oh, and these are MATERIAL things ... the things I REALLY want are of considerably more depth than little goofy things. Ha ha!


#1 - the new David Phelps CD!!! "The Voice" - I'm usually in the store the DAY it comes out! But I have been so broke lately that I have been buying little necessities with spare change! I am so blessed that my parents are generous! They keep me afloat sometimes!

For those who don't know, David Phelps is THE BEST SINGER IN THE WORLD!!!!! I'm serious! You will NOT find a better singer! Anywhere! He used to sing in the Gaither Vocal Band, so if you like Southern Gospel music (rockin' 4-part male harmony!!!!!!!!!!!) then check out some of the Gaither music (WITH David, of course! ... He is no longer in the band - sadness). Or just look him up in Contemporary Christian music aisles - he has great solo albums out!

Okay ... #2 - the new Superchick CD! "Rock What You Got" - I'm a big fan of Superchick. They have some crazy sounds at times, but oh, so fun! And their lyrics are REAL - real life experiences!!!! Songs like "Crawl" and "Beauty from Pain" and "Stand in the Rain" have been an amazing blessing as God has been taking me through many trials as of late! Good stuff! Check 'em out sometime! Read their lyrics!

#3 - a New American Standard WIDE MARGIN Bible (bonded leather cover)!!!!!!!!!!!! (This really should be #1 on my list because I want one sooooo badly!) I LOVE to write in my Bible, and I just don't have enough room! I am almost through my entire Bible, and I grew up on the NIV. (Yes, I haven't read the entire Bible yet. That Old Testament is a trip! Numbers and Song of Solomon to go, and then I'm through it though!) I heart the NIV version, but I've heard that the NASB is closer to the original Hebrew ... and that's what my Pastor uses to teach 95% of the time ... and yes, Ben ... what the all-amazing Grace folks use too! ;) Ha ha! ... I've also been trying to find new ways to study my Bible, and I think starting to read through the whole Bible in a new version (the NASB) will be helpful in continuing to shape my foundation of scripture. :) That will be the FIRST thing I buy from this list when I'm not quite so broke! :)

#4 - a volleyball. Yep, volleyball is my favorite sport. My car trunk is full of sports balls/equipment for when me and the HG fam get together for some fun. I think I have everything in there except a volleyball. Okay ... so maybe I need a frisbee too. ;)

#5 - a new pair of crocs. Yes, I know they are ridiculous looking shoes, but they are sooooo comfy! It's like wearing slippers all day long! I have had mine for just over a year, and they have huge holes in the bottom ... but I can't bring myself to throw them away. I think they are my favorite material item that I own (after my Bible)!

Hmm ... I think that's all. Good times! What are some things on YOUR wish list??? ;)


Wani said...

I can't find your email address so I'll just leave you a comment.
I got the invite for Maggie's shower and was wondering if you needed any help with the planning or anything. There is this shower game that has become a tradition at GFC that would be really fun if you are interested. We ask the groom-to-be some "how well do you know eachother" questions and get his answers on video. Then at the shower we ask the bride-to-be the same questions and the guests have to guess which answers will be the same and which will be different. Especially with a guy like Jared, this would be a really entertaining game. Its not a big deal if you already have stuff planned, I just thought I'd throw it out as an idea. Shoot me an email if you want any help with anything. Later!

jan said...

My wish list is a little more costly than yours. I wish:
#1. New carpet and flooring for our house.
#2. I wish we could paint our whole house.
#3.A digital camera
#4. A winter dress coat
#5. A hair style I like! :-)