Thursday, September 11, 2008

God's Grammar Rules 101

Alright! Another homework break post! Swweeet! :D

Before I start .... I forgot to include the scripture reference for my last post (the one about Mary and Martha!). Check out Luke 10:38-42. And let's be Marys!!!! :)

Okay! So it's on to grammar! Yep, you know it!!!!! (It's true I'm an English major, and it's true I DO like grammar!) ... This is a different kind of grammar. I got the idea from the Mary/Martha book I told you about yesterday. In one chapter, the author discusses "God's Grammar Rules," and one rule in particular stuck out for me! So I thought I'd share it. As I thought more about the "grammar rules" from God, I thought of a few more ... but we'll talk about those another day! :)

Today (Yes!), I want to talk to you about commas and periods. And the rule for today is:

"Don't put a period where God puts a comma."

Yep, you got it! Don't stop when God brings "pauses" to your life. ... When I heard this grammar lesson while on my way to school yesterday, I wanted to jump out of the car and do a cartwheel or something! It was one of those moments when God just jumps out of the text (usually it's the Bible I'm talking about, but in this case, I'm talking about the Having a Mary Spirit in a Martha World book) and smacks you right in the head! And it was a good smack, as they always are - full of conviction and encouragement!

God has been bringing a lot of "pauses" to my life over the past 6 months. Boy, has He!!!! These pauses have taken the form of heartbreak. And they are heartbreaks that I HAVE BEEN seeing as PERIODS! Bummer, I know. But I've been thinking about these "periods" over the past few days ... and they really are NOT periods at all ... they are COMMAS!!! YESSSSS!!! We don't need to freak out when God delays things or when He "takes things away" or when He says "wait, my child." We don't have to take those actions that God performs as periods - as things that are done and over. ... Just because I couldn't pass a silly test doesn't mean I'm not gonna be a teacher (many options out there!) .... just because things didn't work out with a special someone doesn't mean God doesn't know what He's doing! God STILL has a plan for those things in my life! He may put me in a teaching position I didn't picture myself in - teaching English to kids in China, teaching/helping kids learn basic skills (how to take care of themselves) in a village in Africa, working with/discipling young kids in the inner city, substitute teaching in Hendricks County schools .... and the list could keep going! God knows what He's doing, and He HAS a plan!!!! These so called "periods" in my life are actually commas!

God has our entire lives planned out (think of our lives as an entire sentence). He places punctuation in our lives to spice up our lives (just as punctuation gives life to a sentence and keeps it from being boring, ineffective, and awkward). God puts commas and periods and exclamation points and question marks and all kinds of punctuation in our lives to make our lives BETTER!!! And more importantly! He puts them ALL in the RIGHT places! :) Working in the IUPUI Writing Center, I KNOW how IMPORTANT it is to put punctuation in the right spots!!! Ha ha!

Soooo ......... do you have some commas that God's put in your life that you've been treating like periods??? Granted, they COULD be periods. God DOES stop things in our lives and tell us "no" regarding some things, but sit and think about your "periods." Are they really periods? Or are they commas? Don't let "pauses" in your life get you down (I'm trying not to!). God has the entire sentence already written ... you have already come across some punctuation, and there is so much more to come! Keep reading the sentence of your life (living your life!)! Don't give up! Go to the Writing Center for help (GOD!)!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA! I am cracking myself up with this analogy! Isn't it amazing???!!! (I work in the writing center; I'm an English major .... this stuff is funny!)

Well, okay! I need to get back to homework and eat some lunch and get to class. .... Keep pressing through those commas (and whatever other punctuation you're enduring)! God has a plan! I will strive to do the same!!!! ...... And stay tuned for more "grammar lessons" from God (brought to you by me)! :)

Have a wonderful day, my blogger friends! :)

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Anonymous said...

Another great post!
That's something I've never really thought of that way...thanks for stretching my perceptions of life, Mical! Commas and period are not the same things.....those of us who love writing know that full well, don't we? :)
Often commas are the launching point for a new and exciting bend in the sentence matter.
I've got some new ideas rolling and lolling around inside my mind over may have just inspiried a blog post for me!
Thanks for sharing this.
Let's read the sentence like it's written--written by the perfect Author of the universe and all our steps and days!

Alex :)