Saturday, September 27, 2008

Favorite Family Ever: Bumblebee

Alright. So I've waited long enough to talk about some special friends. My favorite family in the world - the Cooks/Adamsons gang! :) This family has been a sense of comfort, friendship, and humor in my life for the past 15 years (since we started going to Calvary back in 1993). They are some of my favorite people ever!

So my first story (or couple of stories) is about my friend, Melissa. I've only known Melissa for a year or so, but she is apart of this amazing family (Jason's fiance - you'll hear about Jason in later posts). :) Melissa is one of the sweetest people I know! Crazy competitive! Fun, cute, and kind. Two of my favorite memories of Melissa involve an encouraging talk and the word "bumblebee."

This past summer I went to the Wheeler Mission (now the Shepherd Church) camp with James ... we were hanging out with crazy and loved inner city kids for three days. James really needed some more guys to help, so I asked Jason to come along. And since Jason and Melissa are attached (:)), Melissa came along in the afternoons when she got off work. Melissa, Emily, and I were taking some downtime from the kids one night at camp. We were talking in an empty room in one of the cabins. I don't remember how this conversation started, but Melissa started talking about how she and Jason thought I was a great person. I wish I could remember the context. But she said something to the affect of "When Jason and I know you like someone or are friends with them, we agree they must be pretty cool people. We hold them to your standards." ... It wasn't a long conversation - something short within the bigger conversation - but it made my night. I think a lot of Jason and Melissa, so for them to love and accept me and even think I'm a good judge of character, is a great encouragement!

And the bumblebee. This story is amazingly simple but oh, so fun! ... So ... I laugh a lot. A LOT! If you know me well, you can vouch for this! My friend Adam (also a member of the Cooks/Adamsons gang) says that one of my "spiritual" gifts is laughter. Ha! Ha! .... I can't help it. Laughing is pretty much my favorite thing to do. But anyways ... Christina Adams (a great girl from my youth group), along with many other people, get a huge kick out of my constant laughter. Especially the fact that I'll laugh at just about anything - it doesn't take much for me to get going! ;) So Christina, Melissa, I, and the rest of the SoZo gang, were at youth group one Sunday night this summer, and I was laughing (just as much, if not more than usual). So Christina and Melissa called me over from across the room ... they wanted me to laugh at something obscure and ridiculous. I walked over, and Melissa said, "Hey, Mical. ... Bumblebee." I kind of stood there for a second, gave them a weird look, and then laughed. They were both excited to see that saying some random word made me laugh. They started laughing too. (See! Laughing is a good thing - it's contagious!) My new nickname for Melissa is bumblebee. Good times. .... So yeah ... a simple story ... but fun.

Melissa is a pretty fun gal. I'm glad we're friends. :)

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