Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Martha striving to be a Mary! :D

Oh, man! I am listening to a great book on cd on my way to school in the mornings, and it is amazing!!!

EVERYONE (well, every woman!)!!!!!!! Find Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World by Joanna Weaver, and read it ... or listen to it ... or something!!!!!! It is a book about finding intimacy with God when you are crazy busy all the time! But it is about so much more!!! EVERY single day I listen to this book, I am smacked up side the head! ... Okay, so if you don't like to be smacked, then this book is not for you! But in reality ... you need to read it/listen to it anyway! It is FULL of godly conviction and encouragement! Convicting me to make myself COMPLETELY available to God - being a MARY, who sits at Jesus' feet NO MATTER how busy I get! I am most certainly a MARTHA - the kind of woman who wants to do it ALL - wants to serve, wants to encourage, wants to get involved with every ministry, every Bible study, every social event on the planet (and DOES!!!)! (Plus, I have school and friends and BLOGGING, of course!) ;) And I'm also like Martha concerning my "too busy 'serving' you, Lord, to spend time with you" attitude at times. ... I'm getting better - waking up earlier to spend the first few minutes of the day with my Lord and trying to start a habit of doing my evening devotions right when I get home from school instead of right before I go to bed when I am falling asleep BEFORE I even hit my pillow! But I still have a LONG way to go! So yeah. Whew!

I am most certainly a Martha ... but I am striving all the harder to be a Mary! What are YOU??? Are you a Martha woman who spends all your time doing the 'right' things? Trying to please God and love Him but finding you're too busy to be intimate with Him? Or are you a Mary ... a woman who drops everything (no matter how busy!) to sit at your Master's feet? Wow! What a question! It's pretty loaded, really. Sit and ponder on that for a while. "Am I a Mary or a Martha?" ....... I'M gonna strive to be more like Mary! :)

Gosh! I also have a cool thought from this Martha/Mary book that I want to share - it's about "God's Grammar Lessons" - but I will have to share about that later! I am off to Spanish class! Hasta luego, amigos! (Or "amigAs" in this case ... because I think only women read my blog.) ;)

Stay tuned for an IMPORTANT grammar lesson from God (brought to you by me). :D


bmhs said...


Tu has escrito acerca un asunto muy importante--muchas de nosotras estan tan preocupado "haciendo por El" que no pasamos suficiente tiempo solo "siendo con El".
Creo que soy una Martha....perdoname, mi Senor! Ayudame ser mas como Mary.....ese es que rezo por las mujeras Cristianas: Que supamos como pasar nuestra tiempo, and que equilibremos nuestras vidas al fin de servirle lo mejor que podemos.

Gracias, amiga, por dandonos un buen pienso.
Hasta luega!

Alex :)

bmhs said...

You have writen about a very important issue: many of us are so preoccupied "doing for Him" that we do not spend sufficient time just "being with Him."
I believe that I am a Martha...forgve me, my Lord! Help me to be more like Mary....this is what I pray for the Christian ladies: That we would know how to spend our time, and that we would balance our lives so we may serve you the best that we can.

Thanks, friend, for giving us a good thought.
Until later!

Alex (this part's really easy to translate. :)