Friday, September 12, 2008

Cookie Cutter Friend (Part 4)

So I've been thinking about one of my best friends tonight .... she is far away. Sadness. ;( Just been thinking about how much I love her and miss her and wish she were here. ........... Yep, I'm talking about my final Cookie Cutter Friend - Shelley Chambers! :) ....... MAN! The "enter" button on my laptop is not working again! Gosh, I hate posts that are all run together! Oh well. ........ So it is hard to know where to start with this CCF. She is simply great. She has been one of my best friends since the first month I met her - just about 8 years ago. (For those who don't know, Shelley is my youth pastor's wife, and they now live in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, serving as youth pastors at a church there.) ............. Shelley is not only one of my best friends, but she is one of my mentors/role-models, my comfort (next to Jesus, of course!), one of my strongest encouragers, my second mom (even though she isn't old enough to be!), the person I tell all of my deepest longings and greatest joys and most awful hurts ... she's just someone I can share with ... and she is one of the people I adore most in this life! She has been there to listen to my hurts, my girly emotional "trauma," my joys ... and to watch me grow in Christ, in convictions, in dreams, in who I am as a person. And she has contributed to all of those areas of growth in my life. :) ......... Some of my favorite moments with Shelley have been our e-mail conversations - even when she was still here in Danville - we had some great e-mail conversations .... about boys, about love, about Jesus, about God's plan and purpose for my life, about my future husband, about growing in the midst of pain, about healing from pain, about God's word ... and the list could go on! She is the one I talk to about everything. :) She is one of the first people I turn to in any and every circumstance. Shelley is one of those people whom God cut out at the beginning of time - to be apart of my life! God knew I needed Shelley. :) .................. It is hard to think about her not being a 10-minute drive away anymore. It's more like a 6-hour drive. *Sigh* But God keeps us together. :) It's one of those friendships that will never fade ... one of those friendships that lasts even when the relationship is strained and we're apart for so long ... it's one of those Cookie Cutter Friendships. :) ...... Man, do I miss this CCF! Love you, Shelley!

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