Tuesday, September 9, 2008

NO MORE COMPLAINING! ... And a quick "pick me up" friend story :)

Ha! So I just posted a few minutes ago, but I'm back at it again! I got off of "fun and faithful," got some homework done, and then started thinking. ... My bitterness has turned me into a complainer!!!! Sure, there is a fair amount of just sharing your hurt ... but I am on my way to Gripesville! Get me out of here!!!!! I've taken the highway on the side that says "WRONG WAY!" all over it for too long! I need to pull a U-ie! ... It'll be a hard U-ie to pull off, but I'm gonna try! And it is NOT illegal by any stretch! Actually, it is a COMMAND!!!!! So I'm gonna attempt it (even if it is a PROCESS)!

Thought I'd share some new goals that I have. It's a short list, but I thought if I share it, you all can give me a hard time when I start complaining again and keep me accountable! So ... the following are my goals ... goals that God has been pressing on my heart lately.

#1 - ENCOURAGE! - Work harder at using my spiritual gifting! "THIS is what I've called you to do NOW, Mical Masterson!" (from God)

#2 - LET GO! - Work on letting go of the JUNK going on in my life - REALLY let go! "I'm taking care of it ALL, my dear child." (from God)

#3 - GLORIFY GOD! - I looked up the word "glory" in the dictionary recently, and it talked about bringing satisfaction, pride, or pleasure to something/someone. So! I'm gonna work at bringing God pleasure ... and making Him proud of me! "This is ALL that I am asking of you right now ... to glorify Me - nothing else! Keep going, you crazy and loved girl!" (from God)

Okay! That's it! ..... Isn't it crazy and great how God convicts (and encourages) us to DO and to BE even in our times of pain? I bet it's to help us get OUT of that pain and to help us GROW! To help us LEAN ON HIM! Dependency ... we are completely and entirely in need of Jesus!!!!!!! Sometimes I forget that! I think God is a bringin' me back! SWWEEET!

And guess what! This JUST happened! So I'm soooooo sharing it!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sitting in the library at school right now ... TRYING to get some homework done! (When you are having a bad day, it is just so stinkin' hard to focus! So I'm blogging a little to help pick myself up!) But anyway! I'm sitting here blogging ... and all of a sudden I see Jeremy Wright heading my way! He was on campus for something and had seen me in the library a week or so ago, so he was back on campus again today and thought he'd stop by just to see if I was in the library again! WOW! What a GOD MOMENT!!!!!!!!!! Don't you LOVE those!!!!??? Oh, man!!!!!!!!! ... Jeremy is one of those "pick me up" people in my life. An incredible blessing EVERY time I see him! No matter what, he ALWAYS gives me the pick me up I need! .... He just came by to say hi, and he let me know that he's been praying for me. ENTIRELY what I needed today! .......... Wow! ........... WOW!!!! ............ WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm pretty much beaming, with tears in my eyes! How can I even think, for one second, that God is NOT in the healing process!? Little things like Jeremy being on campus and coming to find me is just ONE example of God's power and WILLINGNESS to bring healing! And to bring encouragement right when I need it!!!!!!!!!! Wow, God! Wow!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so I'm on a Jesus high at the moment! I will work on staying there! And even when I get down, remember that God is providing and sustaining and establishing in every moment of every day of my life! Wow! Our God is BEYOND amazing!!!!!


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