Saturday, September 27, 2008

"Where I'm From" Poem

Hey again! I was reading Judy and Hannah's blogs the other day, and I noticed that they both have poems on their pages ... specifically the "Where I'm From" poem. I'm not a big poem person, but poems that help us get to know each other better are oober fun! (or uber fun - whichever you like). I decided to steal their idea ... so here's my "Where I'm From" poem. After you read it, you should steal it too! Enjoy! ;)

Where I'm From

I'm from
Sharing my birthday with my little brother.
From Aladdin, a circus, pirates, and spies all before my 12th birthday.
From "demon child" cured by consistent spankings.

I'm from
Homeschooling, a struggle to read, and restless learning.
I'm from "one of the guys," spy clubs, and tree houses.
From a mostly forgotten childhood.

I'm from
A mom who works hard and perseveres,
A dad who encourages and provides,
And late night conversations and card games with my little brother.
From a spiritual and emotional foundation that will carry me through the rest of my life.

I'm from
Church every Sunday morning, every Sunday night, every Wednesday night.
I'm from application teaching.
From NIV Bible study, note-taking on NIV pages, and prayer journals.

I'm from
A LOVE for public school and GROWTH from public school.
From "You're our shooting leader on the Danville Middle School 'B' Team."
From overweight, out-of-shape 8th grade cut from the basketball team.
From a freshman in high school giving up basketball to sing.
From Warrior Choir, showchoir, and FCA.

I'm from
Growth through trials,
lessons learned and learning.
From pain and joy and heartache and hope.
I'm from God being the "strength of my heart and my portion forever."

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jan said...

I can't keep up with you.:-)
I'll try and read all your recent posts soon, but I just had to comment on this one.
It is wonderful! You did a great job and I love it! It really gave me some insight into you and what has shaped you. Were you really a "demon child"? I guess I can see that you might be slightly strong willed....:-)
Anyway-as you know, there's a LOT going on in our neck of the woods. I'll be back soon.