Monday, February 1, 2010

GoG 27: The Child's Prayer

Wow. Golly, I am behind! .... On to day 27.

Wednesday at after school, Hannah Crane prayed for our dinner. Hannah is the cutest (almost) 7-year old girls I know. She's a little white girl with long brown hair and big, gorgeous brown eyes. Sooo cute! She volunteered to pray for us on Wednesday, and instead of closing my eyes, I decided to watch her face while she prayed. Who says you have to close your eyes for a prayer? ;) .... It was the cutest prayer ... thanking God for the food, for the leaders who were there to help them (the kids) with homework and spend time with them ... but what I loved most about the prayer was Hannah's face while she prayed. She had popped a tootsie roll into her mouth right before the prayer, so she was chewing and praying at the same time. She was also closing her eyes really tight and squinting. It was as if she was concentrating really hard ... I guess it was hard to speak and chew and focus on what she was saying all at the same time. Ha! .... Well, it was about the cutest prayer ever, and I took so much joy in watching her little face as she prayed. I think tears came to my eyes. A child's prayer. Even the smallest of people can talk to God. And He hears them. :)

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