Friday, February 19, 2010

GoG 46: The Bible Study

So I have this really amazing guy in my youth group. His name is Andy .... and I am completely proud of him. He is just awesome! He loves the Lord .... he is growing in the Lord (like crazy, yo!!!) .... he is a leader .... he makes good decisions .... he's sensitive to the needs of others .... he's humble .... hilarious .... just an all-around good kid .... but more than just good 'cause Jesus is the Lord of his life - genuinely ... and it shows. :) .... I'm just a little proud to call him one of "my kids" ... if you couldn't tell. ;)

He started a sr. high Bible study this past Tuesday night. He led it and everything. Golly, I was proud! I AM proud. .... It went really well. We read in Joshua ... and we got to talking (even some of the kids who don't usually talk got goin'!) about what God has been teaching us and how it has changed our lives. Good stuff. And it was all Andy! .... Well, it was all God ... but God used Andy to lead and listen and just do a really good job with it. I think Andy was pleased with it too. I know I was!

But gosh .... it was just amazing to watch one of my kids do something so great ... for Jesus! It was just another glimpse of God's grace. Not only does He allow me to work with amazing kids ('cause my other kids are great too!) ... but He allows me the privilege of watching them grow up in Him ... maybe even HELP them grow up in Him. ...... Amazingness. Awesomeness. And a bunch of other "ness" words. :)

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