Monday, February 15, 2010

GoG 35: The Scene

Soon after the movie, To Save A Life, came out in theaters, I went to see it to see if I could take my SoZo kids to see it. Having a pretty good idea about what the premise of the movie was, I thought I would be a mess on and off throughout the movie. The previews hinted around that a good friend of the main character in the movie commits suicide. And suicide is something I don't handle well. Someone I barely knew at all committed suicide a few years back, and I grieved for weeks. I just can't bare the thought that someone would be so hurt, so hopeless to the point of ending his own life. Suicide just tears me apart. So ... going into this movie, I knew I was running the risk of completely breaking down in the theater. Thankfully, I didn't lose it during that scene in the movie. But ... I DID cry during another part. It was a scene that probably wouldn't make anyone else cry. It took me completely off guard 'cause I just broke down with no warning.

The main character of the movie was a "jock," a popular guy, who seemed to have everything going for him - a beautiful girlfriend, a full-ride basketball scholarship to the college of his dreams ... good-looking, etc. etc. When his old friend from elementary school committed suicide, he really started evaluating his life ... wondering what the purpose of life was ... what he was doing with his life, and on and on. In one scene in the movie, he brought his girlfriend to youth group with him. Immediately, everyone started staring at them and whispering. She felt so judged that she left. Later on in the scene, after going out to console his girlfriend, he came back in ... and the youth pastor asked his kids to take a minute to evaluate their hearts ... asking themselves the question, "Who have I judged?" The guy (gosh, I can't believe I can't remember his name) sat down in the back and watched as several of the young people started talking about some girl they were interested in or what they were planning to do during the weekend or something totally distracting from the question they were presented with. .... Finally, this guy stands up and yells, "Didn't you all just hear what he said?!" And he goes on to tell the group that his girlfriend left because she felt judged. And he pointed at their hypocrisy and their fake Christianity ... shocked that they would proclaim something and not live it out.

You'd have to see this scene to really see what happened. It was the most powerful scene in the whole movie for me. I don't know where the tears came from, but I lost it. I think I saw how right he was .... how so many Christians proclaim Jesus as Lord, but they don't mean it. They are fakers. They are hypocrites! And then I thought about how I am a faker sometimes. I am a hypocrite at times. I judge people all the time. ..... I think they were tears of disappointment and hurt .... "How can we, as Christians, do these things? How can we give Jesus such a bad name?" .... But they were also tears of conviction. "I am one of those people who gives Jesus a bad name ... even if most of that hypocrisy and judgement goes on in my spirit .... it still comes to the surface for others to see at times ... and it still dishonors Christ whether on the surface or in my spirit." This scene just really got me thinking.

And even though conviction is never easy, it is God's grace in action in our lives. Without His conviction, we would be so far from His glory ... so far that we would never be able to find our way back. Praise the Lord for His mighty conviction and grace!

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