Friday, February 19, 2010

GoG 43: The Lack of Crying

I've said it over and over on this goofy blog ... and in everyday life ... Emily is my very best friend in the whole world. .... When Emily and Barry first got engaged, I realized that one day she'd be leaving me to go live with King Barry in Nashville. ... Well, last Saturday, that day finally came. I could've sworn I was gonna be a royal mess the entire day of the wedding. But surprisingly, not one tear fell. I had tears gather behind my eyes during the slide show ... maybe one tear gather during the vows ... and I nearly lost it during one point in my maid of honor speech ..... but no. tears. fell. Amazingness.

Somehow, I was able to keep it together the entire day. I still haven't cried ... and she's been married for a week. Craziness. .... But my lack of crying is my GoG for that day (and really now too). It's grace because not only am I not a royal mess ... but my heart is not aching too much either. God is really pouring on the grace, helping me get through this transition. Thank you, Lord!

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