Friday, February 19, 2010

GoG 39: The Day With Emily :)

So ... this is lame. I am so stinkin' behind with these GoGs. Bummer, yo. ..... And this is even more lame -- in effort to catch up to today's GoG, I'm gonna post several short (very short!) GoGs. And hopefully, I won't get so far behind again. And thankfully, I've been keeping track of my GoGs. :)

#39: A day with Emily :)
The Monday before Em's wedding, I headed to Serendipity to help her decorate for the reception. Afterwards, we went to dinner ... then to Target ... and then I went to her house to watch a movie with her and Josh. Good day.
A glimpse of God's grace because I have a BBF ... and she is the most wonderful thing in the world to me. Days with her make my life complete. :)

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