Monday, February 1, 2010

GoG 31: The Best Football Game Ever!

So .... I played the best football game of my life yesterday! It was so awesome! :D

A year or two ago, my good friends, Adam and Jason, started asking me to play football with them and the guys. Sometimes there will be another girl or two ... but often, it's just me and the guys. Yes! :D ...... You faithful blog readers have probably heard me refer to the "Cooks/Adamsons Gang" a few times. They are a family I am absolutely in love with. They're all related in one way or another - cousins, uncles, aunts, fathers/mothers-in-law, girlfriends, wives, etc. They are a ton of fun! And along with the Nilsens, they are my favorite family in the world! So I get really excited to play football with them!

Well, we organized a game for yesterday afternoon after church. We had 8 people ... just enough for a couple good games of football. Adam, Jason, and their cousin, Steve, and I were on a team ... against Jon, Jarrod, David, and Andy. Gosh, it was a good game! .... Adam and Jason usually pick on me 'cause I drop the ball a lot. I'm just a bit over 50% on catches during most games. I just get nervous. But I CAN catch the ball! :) .... Yesterday, I caught every pass ... I think they threw at least 5 at me! That is no 50%, yo! 5 for 5 ... and I had a couple of good blocks and threw off the QB with a blitz or two. Nice, right? ;) ... I'm bragging a bit ... which is actually my glimpse of grace for the day. God gives us really good days ... good games ... etc. 'cause He loves us. :) He also gave me some good laughs with some of my favorite guys, and everyone "kept their cool." Attitudes were good ... everyone played well ... it was just a great time of laughs and fellowship. God is good! :)

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Big Doofus (Roger) said...

Sorry I missed it. I remember you making a few key catches at the last game I played.