Tuesday, February 16, 2010

GoG 37: The Clean Up

A week ago Saturday, a bunch of us girls got together for Emily's bachelorette party. Most of the bridesmaids and I took her out for a nice lunch and then some ice cream. It was a pretty fun day. But my favorite part was cleaning up the mess we made. Ha! That was my favorite part because I got to spend some, what I considered, quality time with my friend, Mags.

I think I've talked about Maggie on here at least once before ... Mags is my longest, loveliest friend ... my LLF. :) .... She has been my friend since I was 6 and she was 7 years old. We met at Calvary ... went to middle school and high school together ... and have just been the best of friends for ... wow ... it's been about 17 years. Crazy! .... Well, ever since she got married about a year and a half ago, we haven't gotten to spend as much time together as we used to. And now that she's having a baby, I'll probably see even less of her. ..... Every time I get to hang out with her these days, I think to myself, "Gosh, I'm so glad we're friends." And "Gosh, I know WHY we're friends." And "Gosh, I'm thankful for Maggie!" She's just one of those lifelong friends ... one I cherish very much. :)

That Saturday night, we got to clean up together. We didn't talk too much while we were cleaning up .... I think it was just that we got to spend some time together ... just the two of us while the others chatted on the couch. ..... I kept trying to pour the chips from the bowl back into their bag, and I kept missing and spilling 'em all over the counter .... we kept laughing at that. She is not supposed to be eating sugar while she's pregnant, and she kept stealing brownies and eating 'em ... and we kept laughing at that. We chatted about how goofy weight is 'cause it's so hard to keep off our bodies ... and she gave me all of the food that was left over so that I could take it to youth group with me the next day. I gave her the dishes while she loaded the dishwasher. I refilled the trash bag .... we cleaned up. It was as simple as that. But it was such a sweet time. Just spending time together. It was just a reminder of what a gift friendships are ... especially, long, deep friendships like my friendship with Maggie. .... God loves us so much that He gives us friends. Thank you, Lord. :)


Wani said...

I think you have been blessed with some really special friendships. I love hearing you talk about LLF and BBF... you guys are so cute!!

Mical said...

Cheesy is more like it. ;)