Friday, February 19, 2010

GoG 40.5: The Friend Date

My friend, Ben, and I get together about once a month for something we like to call "friend dates." We usually meet at the Brownsburg Starbucks around 7:30pm .... and we talk for 2 or 3 hours ... sometimes more .... hardly ever less. It is a really sweet time. ... Lawana posted on one of my blog posts recently and told me that God has blessed me with some really special friendships. She is so right. Ben Nilsen is one of those friends I'm not sure I could live without. He has been one of my greatest encouragers, prayer warriors, and dearest friends for a few years now. Ben, by himself, is God's grace in action in my life .... but something he said at our friend date will probably stick with me forever 'cause it meant so much to me.

It was one simple sentence.
"I hope you can come because, yes, I want you to be there, but I also think you'll help calm me down all that day."

We were talking about me driving to Key West for his wedding. And he not only said he'd love for me to be there .... but he also said I could help him calm down (wedding jitters). .... You wouldn't think that comment would mean all that much ... just 'cause it's not anything huge. But boy, did it. It told me that he really appreciates my friendship ... that I'm the kind of friend that he feels really comfortable around ... that he can share his life and joys and struggles with me ... that I'm a friend who is dear enough to him that he wants me to be there on his wedding day ... just so we can share the day together as dear friends.

Ahh ... yep. It's one of those friendships called grace. :)

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