Monday, February 1, 2010

GoG 29: The Compliment

I've got another one-liner as my GoG for the day. :)

I've been going to FCA at the Danville High School for the past couple of weeks to offer support for the students there, and I was there this past Friday morning. On my way out, I walked with Mr. Burdsall. He is the FCA sponsor, and he and I have been friends since I started my FCA "officership" my sophomore year of high school. He was headed to the cafeteria for some coffee before first period, and I was headed to the front office to sign out and head home. We were chatting about FCA, and I said, "I'm glad to see that FCA is still kickin'." And he replied with ... "Yep, it changes every year. They're doing a good job. ..... You did an excellent job with FCA when you were here." .... And that was it.

I was surprised at how much that encouraged me. .... When I was in high school, I did choir (several choirs) and FCA. Those were the big things I was involved with. I loved FCA, and I took it very seriously. I did (and still do) consider it a HUGE privilege. We have the FREEDOM to worship God, proclaim Him as Lord - even!, in our schools all throughout this country. It is such a blessing! ... Such a privilege. (Ha! I'm going off again.) ;) ..... FCA just meant a lot to me in high school, so I did the very best I could with it. .... Mr. B telling me that I did a great job was just a great blessing that morning ... and more of God's grace in my life. Thank you, Lord!

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