Tuesday, February 16, 2010

GoG 38: The Sob

Super Bowl Sunday has never been a huge thing for me. I like football. I like the Colts. But I am just way too busy to keep up with the games. I think I saw half a game this entire season. I "watched" the Super Bowl, but I colored and dealt with "drama" for most of the evening ... so I was a tad bit distracted.

I had my youth group over to watch the Super Bowl ... and it turned into an alright evening overall, but we had some struggles. In effort to spare the details, I'll just say that I have middle schoolers in my youth group. Need I say more? ;) I love middle school. It is (somehow - Lord knows He gave me a gift!) my favorite age group. They are full of drama much of the time, but I just love 6th-8th graders. They are a ton of fun! Difficult at times ... but so fun! Well, we had a drama night at the Super Bowl party ... and I had to be ready on my feet the whole time. Never a dull moment with my kids. ;) ....

In working with youth, I have a tough job goin' for me. It is overwhelming at times ... and sometimes, there are situations that I just can't handle ... or don't know how to handle. Super Bowl Sunday turned into one of those situations. By the time I got home from taking some of the kids home, I was wiped ... even emotionally drained ... mostly because I have been going alone in this youth ministry thing for 9 months now. And youth ministry is nearly impossible to do alone. ..... I ended up talking (and crying) with my parents for almost an hour ... maybe longer ... that night when I got home. Conveying to them that "I can't do this by myself anymore." And it's true. I need help. Thankfully, my parents are amazing, and they are going to help me until we can find someone more permanent. :) .... But sobbing to my parents that night helped me realize something. Yes ... it helped me realize that I can't work in ministry by myself any longer .... but it also helped me remember that God is the one I need to be crying out to ... God is the one I need to look to for help and comfort and wisdom and the rest ... God is the one who put me in this ministry, and God is the one who is gonna help me complete this calling that He has placed on my life. ..... I've blogged before about realizing my dependence on the Lord .... or rather, remembering that I can do nothing without Him. And here He went again .... His grace again .... He needed me to know that I am helpless without Him .... He seems to do that most when my focus gets out of whack ... which is more often than I would like. ;) ... So ... He did it again. God revealed His grace by humbling me and making me recognize my need for Him once again.

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