Monday, February 1, 2010

GoG 30: The Maggie Friendship :)

My friend, Maggie, and I have been friends for a lot of years. 17 years this month, actually. She and my "big brother" Adam are my two longest friends. Maggie has been one of my very best friends for 17 years. Wow. .... On Saturday, I threw her a baby shower. My best friend of 17 years is having a baby. Wow. We played games, ate fruits and veggies, even had some ice cream. But during the opening of the gifts, I got all sentimental. (Not unusual for me, I know.) ;) I was watching Maggie open her gifts, as did everyone else. I was standing in the back ... and as I watched her, I started thinking ... "Gosh, she is gorgeous." Then I thought ... "Wow, she's having a baby!" And then ... "We've been friends for such a long time ... that's so weird she's having a baby!" And ... "Maggie. She's been one of my best friends for 17 years!" .... "Gosh."

That's about how my thoughts went.

My friend, Adam, and his wife just had a baby last month ... that was weird too. .... It's weird seeing people you grew up with (and were/are close friends with) getting married and having babies. It just is. .... The glimpse of grace was just that, I think. Maggie. She is among the dearest and closest and most treasured friends I have. And we have been friends longer than I've been friends with anyone. And I believe we'll be friends forever. .... Friendship. Genuine friendship. That's my glimpse of grace for the day. :)

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