Monday, February 15, 2010

GoG 33: The Movie Night With Elizabeth

Wow. I don't think I could be more behind with this blog project. Darnit. Let's see if I can get caught up today. Ha!

Glimpse #33 ...

Way back on February 2nd, I took one of my SoZo girls to see Sherlock Holmes. Elizabeth is a huge Sherlock Holmes buff. She loves Doyle (the guy who wrote the Sherlock stuff). :) She carries his books around in her big bag all the time. :) We went to see this movie that night ... I picked her up at her house ... we chatted all the way there ... and after the movie, she was so excited! She thought it was the best movie she'd ever seen ... maybe even the best that has ever been made. She wants to take me to see it again. Ha! ....

God has blessed me in incredible ways by allowing me to not only spend time with my kids but lead them. I've been working with our youth group at Calvary for almost 4 years. Three of those years, I was an adult leader, but now, I'm the one in charge. Weird. But it's been such a blessing ... because I have the privilege of spending even more time with my kids. Taking Elizabeth out for the evening was just another glimpse of God's grace, reminding me of what a joy it is to work with youth ... and reminding me of why I love it so much. :)

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