Friday, April 2, 2010

Addin' to the Bucket once again .....

Well, I haven't accomplished too many things on my bucket list .... but I keep adding to the list!
Swing dancing lessons? Check. I had a few lessons during my ballroom dance class last spring.
3-day solitude trip? Check. I went to Turkey Run a year ago March for 2 nights and 3 days of camping all alone. Oh yeah!
Other than that? Nada.

But here's my list ... and here's what I've added. :)

MICAL'S BUCKET LIST (not necessarily in this order)

#1 Hike through New Zealand!!!

#2 - Run a mini marathon.

#3 - Read through the Bible AT LEAST 3 times ... once in my NIV, once in an ESV, and once in my wide-margin NASB.

#4 - Learn to play bar chords on my guitar.

#5 - Take swing dancing lessons.

#6 - Marry and oober godly guy!

#7 - Have at least 4 kids and homeschool them.

#8 - Take a 3-day solitude trip!

#9 - Visit my sponsored child in Bolivia.

#10 - Read all of Mere Christianity.

#11 - Take a BBF trip to the Bosom Buddies Cottages in Canada with Emily!!!

#12 - Be a waitress.

#13 - Visit all 50 states!

#14 - Go to a Gaither Vocal Band concert.

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