Tuesday, April 20, 2010

GoG 103: The To Do List(s)

I'm a crazy woman.

Yes. If I don't write something down as soon as I hear about it, it will be as if it was never assigned to me. My desk is always piled high with index cards and post-it notes full of the things on my to do list. Sometimes, I'll condense the note cards onto a piece of paper to cut down on the clutter .... 'cause oh. my. word. It's madness sometimes! .... Well, now that I have an office at the church ... yes, Mical Masterson has an office! ... I have a second desk to pile post-it notes on. So in effort to condense my post-its once again, I wrote everything down on a piece of paper and entitled it "Wednesday's to do list" ... and then I realized that I was gonna come into the church again on Saturday, so I made another to do list for Saturday.

The funny part of the story is that .... I was in the church office (the one next to Pastor Roger's office instead of the SoZo office) finishing up the last few things on my Wednesday to do list ... and Pastor Roger was getting ready to leave. Now, when I cross off everything on one of my many to do lists, I get pretty excited. Sometimes I even dance. Well, I got excited and said, "Look (signaling to Pastor Roger - I had to show him I was accomplishing something!)." And I crossed off the last couple things on my list. And said, "I'm done!" And Pastor Roger let out a chuckle. But then I turned my paper over to Saturday's to do list .... and we both laughed.

As we left the building and locked up, I looked at pastor and said, "So, I was laughing at myself as I walked back to the youth room to get my stuff to leave because I got all excited to have everything done on my checklist just to turn it over and have just as much if not more on the other side. ... It's pretty funny if you think about it." Ha! And it was. You had to be there to see how funny it was .... but pastor and I had a good laugh about it. .... I am such a crazy woman. Too funny!

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