Monday, April 5, 2010

GoG 94: The Rain

Ahh ... today's glimpse of grace was probably the most prominent of any other this year. Thank you, Lord! .... I went for a walk at the park today, and as I started walking, the rain clouds started accumulating. I didn't know we were supposed to get rain today. But we did. And it was glorious!

I really like rain. Gosh, it's cool stuff. God knew what He was doing with that one. :)

So as I walked and saw the clouds forming, I thought, "Ooo, rain would be a great part of this walk. I would LOVE to walk in the rain for a bit." I started walking ... I took the trail across the bridge, across from the park ... decided I would walk that loop three times and then cross the street and head up the hill towards Old Farm. It was a pretty lengthy walk, and I was pretty excited about it. On my third lap around that wooded, grassy trail, it started to sprinkle. Then it actually started raining. Just a light rain, wouldn't soak ya through by any means. And I started feeling it cool down a bit - a wonderful thing that happens when the rain comes! And I stood there ... I lifted my hands, and I lifted my face ... and I smiled really big. I kept walking ... and as I walked I said to God, "Ya know, I wouldn't mind if it poured right now." And smiled heavenward. A few seconds later, it started raining harder ... and then harder, at which point I thought it had started to hail, and I said, "Oh no, Lord! No hail though, please." And started laughing. It wasn't hail, just big rain drops. And I continued walking as it started raining harder. And I kept laughing. And laughing. Thankfully, no one was around 'cause they probably would've thought I was a crazy person. I just couldn't stop laughing. I was awed at the grace I found in that moment.

Again, I love rain. I think it is one of the THE coolest things ever.

So I kept laughing, lifting my hands and my face to the sky in praise of my Lord who sent the rain on my walk in the park. I'd like to say that the rain was just for me ... but It probably wasn't. ;) .... But I do think God WAS answering my prayer for rain today. It was an incredible blessing!

And as the rain came pouring down, I prayed, "Lord, just as the rain is pouring down on me, shower your Holy Spirit on me today." And He did. I experienced the Holy Spirit today in such a refreshing way. Oh, it was beautiful. Thank you, Jesus!!!

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