Monday, April 5, 2010

GoG 93: The Tugging of the Heart (Part 2)

Lots of changes are a comin' for me. It's hard to tell what they are. But I feel God tugging at my heart in different ways - in jobs, in relationships ... ect. ect. :)

Yesterday, I "made" a fairly specific decision that I'm working through slowly. I'm keeping it on the down low for now ... so sorry this is vague. But God's tugging is my glimpse of grace for yesterday. It's cool when God works on your heart in certain areas and brings you to your knees either literally or in figurative yet specific ways or in certain areas of your life. I put "you" in there hoping that y'all have those moments/minutes/days/weeks/ect. of your lives as well. And when God brings us to those places in our walk with Him, it makes us re-evaluate things and strive harder after Him for answers and direction. And because He wants us to change - to be more like Himself - He gives us grace to re-evaluate, make decisions, seek His face, ect., ect. Good stuff, indeed.

And it's all by His grace.

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