Monday, April 19, 2010

GoG 99: The Day with My Favorite Family

Saturday, the 10th, I spent the whole day with my favorite family in the world - the Cooks/Adamsons gang. .... Jarrod's birthday was the following Tuesday, and we all headed to Muncie for a party at his mom's house. We ate hamburgers and this yummy barbeque sausage dish, mac 'n cheese, green beans ... oh, it was really good food! Lisa is a great cook!

I rode to Muncie with Uncle Mike and Jen ... we chatted, sang southern gospel, chatted some more. I went on a walk with Uncle Mikey while we were at Lisa's house for the party. I got to hang out with UM and Jen and Adam and Kristina and little Noah and David and Kayla while they did their family pictures. And then I got to watch a movie with UM and Jen at the end of the day.

Marvelous day. A day full of grace.

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