Tuesday, April 20, 2010

GoG 100: The Life Purpose Statement

A little over a week ago, I was really struggling with my calling .... almost a crisis of calling, you could say ..... but really, I think I was just discontent. I battle that little guy a lot these days. Is it that I want to find my future husband? Is it that I want to work ALONGSIDE a youth pastor husband rather than BE the youth pastor myself? Is it me not focusing on Jesus and His perspective on things? Umm ... yes!

A week ago Sunday, I was really struggling with that little guy called discontent .... he was gnawing away at my spirit, dragging me down. I went to the altar at church on Sunday morning, my friend Jon told me he was praying for me, and I took a nap .... and SoZo was really good that night. And by the time the day was over, God had restored an eternal perspective within me. Whew! I was so thankful. ... I've battled that little guy discontent off and on throughout the week, but God is teaching me (it's a continual lesson) that I must set my mind on the things above - on HIM. I must keep an eternal perspective in all things.

A few posts from now, I'll blog about my trip to the Indiana Dunes ... and during that trip, I sat on the beach and read another chapter in Calm My Anxious Heart .... that really great book I've talked about before about another little guy called content. :) The chapter challenged its readers (in this case - me) to write a life purpose statement. The author, Linda Dillow, shared some amazing stories about some women in her life who wrote amazing life purpose statements and then lived up to them. .... I want to do that too! So I wrote a life purpose statement for my life. I wrote something down ... and then I scribbled all over the page, putting my English major skills to work - editing, pulling out vague words, putting in more specific details, pulling out dull verbs and using more descriptive ones ... the page was pretty crazy by the end of it all. And here's what I came up with ....

I will honor God with my life by maintaining an eternal perspective in all things because everything that honors God only comes from a mind and heart completely set on Him.

And my life verse is Colossians 3:2 - Set your mind on things above, not on earthly things.

Good stuff. Now, I'm not as far along in achieving this purpose as the women in Linda Dillow's book, but I have a very strong feeling that they didn't accomplish their purpose statements overnight. I'm confident that it took them a little something I like to call .... time .... to become mature and complete, not lacking anything (as a cool guy named James says). So I will strive to model my life after this verse. I won't be perfect right away. I will not achieve this purpose overnight. But isn't is a marvelous goal? Oh, my ... yes, it is!

My life has purpose ... now isn't that just another amazing little guy called grace? I think grace is my favorite little guy. :)

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