Monday, April 19, 2010

GoG 96: The Passion

Wow. I can't believe how behind I am! This is the worst it's been all year! Two weeks behind with my GoGs???? What????!!!

GoG 96 ....
A week ago Wednesday, I want to Living Word Baptist Church on the Eastside of Indy with a friend from the after school program. It was a prayer meeting of sorts with the preacher's sermon at the end. Ha! It was so great. If you've never been in an all black church before, you need to go. It was so great to see their passion.

I'm a fairly charismatic person deep down. Sure, I'm energetic and outgoing and somewhat of a spaz ... but I mean charismatic (however you spell that). I mean getting excited about Jesus and letting it show. I mean raisin' your hands in worship as the Spirit leads. I mean praying out loud, shouting or at least speaking out loud praise to God .... dancing! Voicing that you agree with the pastor when he says somethin' really good. Gosh! I want to do that ... I don't usually .... because not many people in my church do ... not many people I know, in general, do.

But don'tcha ever just wanna shout for joy unto the Lord? Dance in His presence? Shout an "amen" or a "mmm hmm!" or a "that's right" or a "preach it, pastor!" during some really good scripture reading or a convicting/encouraging message the pastor preaches from the pulpit? Don'tcha? DON'TCHA!?? .... Oh, please say yes. I know I do!

And that's what they were doing at this church. They were "mmm hmm'in" and "that's right'in" and singin' and shoutin' at times that night at this church. And I wanted to join right in with them. ... It was God's grace in action to see their passion. I might just shout a "mmm hmm" or wave my hand at Pastor Roger the next time he preaches a good word! Man, it's good stuff, yo. Spread the passion!!!!

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