Thursday, April 1, 2010

GoG 85: The Princesses, Water Colors, and Bubbles

So Saturday, during our Poplar Bluff visit, was a great day because I got to spend extra time with the Chambers kids - Justus, Noah, and Anna. Oh, what fun!!! .... Justus turned 13 in February ... gosh, he's old! Noah is 9 and quite the little chatterbox ... my favorite chatterbox. I wanted to steal him all weekend ... bring him home with me and talk to him all day long! And Anna will be 3 later this month. She talks and talks ... and she's got the most prominent personality of any 3-year-old I know! She was my buddy for the weekend. We played princesses and painted with water colors and blew bubbles (her favorite!) ... and she told me "You always have to come" and "I need you to come" all weekend long. It was a ton of fun.

These are all glimpses of God's grace ... they are great kids ... and they love me. But I think I really noticed the grace when I was hold Anna at one point on Saturday. We were sitting on the couch watching The Blindside ... and Anna had climbed up on the couch, took a seat in my lap, and just cuddled with me for quite a while. Oh, it was precious!!! What a doll! It was a great weekend. :)

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