Tuesday, April 20, 2010

GoG 101: The New Perspective

It's funny how a lot, if not most, of my blog posts turn out to be so much longer than I plan. Ha! Like GoG 100 .... didn't mean to talk about my life purpose statement at all. Ha! But I did. What fun! ... And look, I'm already making this post longer than I planned. Ahh, what a Mical moment. :)

More about perspective ... not so much eternal this time ... but still interesting ... and full of grace. :) .... I took a walk in the park last Monday night with a couple of my SoZo kids. We had taken our Bible study to the park that night ... finished up early ... and decided to take a quick walk before heading back to the church. We took a short trail around the park ... it's the same trail I blogged about "The Rain" GoG from a week or so ago. Nice little trail. ..... When I walk, I nearly always go right first ... but during this walk, we took this trail to the left first. And as we walked, I was amazed at how different the trail looked. It was the same trail I've walked dozens of times ... but by taking the trail to the left, walking the loop clock-wise instead of counter-clockwise, I saw everything on the trail from a new perspective. It was so neat. I'd be curious to know if y'all are thinking "what the heck, Mical? Why are you so excited about noticing something so small and unnoticeable to most people?" Maybe you're not thinking that ... but I think it's kind of a weird thing to blog about ... a weird thing to even think in depth about. But that's why it's grace! Don't you see? God's creation ... I've seen this trail dozens of times ... I walk it often. But by walking at a different angle, I can see it from a new perspective ... and be all the more impressed by it. Seeing the trees and grass and leaves and flowers and fallen logs and tall plants and weeds and branches and the trail itself from a different perspective made me see it in a whole new way. It was like I was walking a totally different trail. I'm not joking - it looked that different! And I was so amazed ... so awed ... that God made something so beautiful and powerful and ... wow, I can't come up with the right word for this ... something so amazing that no matter how many times we look at it, we can take some sense of awe and majesty away from it every time if we just look at it a little deeper or from a different perspective. And to think that God created that trail for me ... for us ... and the rest of His creation too. It's just grace. Grace, grace, grace, grace, grace.

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