Monday, April 19, 2010

GoG 98: The Jeremy Hendricks

Friday, April 9, I went to see Sing Love, Sing at one of their shows in Indianapolis. My friend, Jeremy, plays in a band called Sing Love, Sing. I hadn't seen him in a while ... we hadn't had a good talk in a while ... and in addition to just wanting to support him, I was hoping for a good, long chat with the guy.

I've been really wishy-washy with Jeremy for quite some time. The story is complicated, so I will spare you the details (ha!), but that night, I told him that I will NOT be wishy-washy with him anymore ... and we agreed to be real friends ... to get to know each other better.

What I know of Jeremy thus far is that he is in love with Jesus, passionate, fun, talented, incredibly patient and kind, slow to anger, honest, responsible, incredibly and entirely patient, gracious, has a great sense of humor, is low key in the best sense of the phrase, a leader, has a good head on his shoulders, loves playing the drums and is really good at it, amazingly humble, and incredibly, incredibly patient (and yes ... I said he was patient 3 times!).

He's one of the most amazing guys I've met in my 23 years ... and I don't even know him half as well as any of my other guy friends.

Well, I say all of this about Jeremy to say ....

Ha. I was gonna say simply chatting with him that night was my glimpse of grace .... but really, HE is my glimpse of grace. Jeremy Hendricks in my glimpse of grace for Friday, April 9, 2010. He's been a glimpse of God's grace in my life several times in the past ... but that night, talking to him was grace ..... but he, himself, is grace.

Ha! That is great! See ... isn't God cool. He gives grace in writing about His grace. That's entirely awesome. Thank you, Lord.

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