Tuesday, April 20, 2010

GoG 109: The Frog-Kisser

I, Mical Masterson, am working towards a lofty goal: I want to be a frog-kisser.

Hahaha! I thought about just leaving it at that. That could be a great GoG - Mical wants to be a frog-kisser. The end. .... But no! I won't do that to ya.

I am being serious. I do want to kiss frogs. But let me explain this. It's not what you think. ;)

I went to a youth pastor's conference back in February. Boy, it was great! So refreshing! .... I went to a group of sessions in which Jeanne Mayo was the speaker. She's a veteran youth pastor .... and her sessions were so great! During one of the four sessions, she talked about frog-kissing. .... I'm sure you've heard the story about the prince who had been turned into a frog, and the only way to break the spell was for a princess to kiss him. ... Well, Jeanne compared the frog to youth.

I'm sure that princess didn't want to kiss that frog. Frogs are slimy, and the word is, they have warts. Pretty sure I wouldn't want to kiss a frog. But the princess believed that the frog would turn into a handsome, well put-together prince. So she kissed him. And he did, indeed, become a prince. .... Good news, right?

Well, youth ministry works the same way. Us youth pastors? We're the princesses. Our kids? Now, they are the frogs. They come into our youth groups with all kinds of drama, baggage, insecurities, problems - warts of all kinds .... and we, the princesses, are supposed to (and we desire to as well!) touch those warts, get our hands dirty trying to help them overcome those nasty little things ... even kiss 'em!!!!

It's a great analogy, really. Just like the princess was called upon to help the frog turn into a prince, youth pastors are called by God to help young people become God-fearing men and women. Now, see here ... GOD does the changing! But He uses us to do it. .... Gosh. That's really cool to think about. The Creator of the Universe chose ME to help turn my little frogs into princes and princesses of the Most High God. Amazing! I'll keep this calling ... thank you very much. :)

Youth ministry is challenging to say the least. It really takes a lot out of you. Some of those frogs have mighty big warts that you'd rather just cut off and throw out instead of kiss. But God has called me to be a frog-kisser. He wants me to give my kids a "kiss of encouragement," as Jeanne put it so well. So that is what I will do. No matter how nasty the warts, no matter how crazy or obnoxious or hurt-filled the frog, I will love my kids as God loves them .... and I will kiss 'em week after week. So ... like I said. I want to be a frog-kisser. :)

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Anonymous said...

That's a great word picture! (you know how much I like word pictures.)

Thanks for sharing.

Made me think of Titus 3:1-8.


PS good to have you blogging again!