Friday, April 23, 2010

GoG 110: The Floor was Swept ... and I got to do it :)

There are four after school locations on the Eastside of Indianapolis (through Shepherd Community, that is). One is at a place called Jireh Sports. Another location is at Shepherd ... another at a church called Brookside Church ... and finally, there's the location where I serve - Eastside Church of the Nazarene or BEACH, as it is often called. I forget what BEACH stands for though. Hmm ... anyways .... the kids and adults from Brookside have been joining us at the BEACH for the past several weeks. And we have LOTS of leaders! A good number of kids ... but lots of leaders ... it's almost, if not actually, a one adult per kid ratio. That's a great blessing ... but it also leaves some of us "without" jobs. Now I've blogged before about not feeling needed, when in reality, everyone is always needed. A child cannot have too many people lovin' on him. :) ... But specific jobs, jobs with names - tutor, game leader, reading buddy, food server, etc. - become scarce at after school from time to time because we are blessed with so many adults. So I try to help clean up when I'm not quickly pulled away by one of the little people. :) ..... I really enjoy doing behind the scenes work. At parties and big get togethers and church functions, I really enjoy staying behind to clean up afterwards ... or clean up messes while others are out and about doing "more fun" things. .... So as the kids were off doing homework or playing games or doing their daily reading with leaders, I waited back in the kitchen/dining area. I quickly grabbed a rag and wiped down the tables ... and then I swept the floor. While I was sweeping, I smiled to myself ... I was so thankful that the other leaders who were finishing up their dinner or just walking around let me do the job. ... I'm the kind of personality that says, "Oh, don't do that .... you don't have to clean up after us." Either that, or I jump right in and help 'em. So I was thankful they didn't protest ... they just let me serve. :) But also ... I was simply enjoying myself. It's fun to serve. And it actually gave me some good thinking time ... and a good wind down from a long morning working on SoZo stuff at the church and a long drive to after school ... and really ... it was just a good wind down from life. And I was so blessed to simply sweep the floor ... and serve. :) And as I swept, I was reminded of God's grace in that simple moment. Ha! Grace that God would allow me to enjoy something like sweeping a floor. Good times!

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