Friday, April 23, 2010

GoG 111: The Most Outstanding Peer Tutor!

At the end of every year in the writing center, faculty and peer tutors vote for the graduating senior they think is the most outstanding. And that outstanding tutor is awarded a certificate at the annual English department awards ceremony.

Christina, Eric, Nicole, and I were up for the award. Somehow, I was confused by an e-mail that had our names in it. I thought it said that these four people could NOT be voted for ... come to find out, we were the ONLY ones who could be voted for .... and earlier this week, I found out that I WON!!!! :) I was so confused ... and flattered ... and taken off guard. I thought I couldn't be voted for and I win??? What is this about? I felt like a huge dork when I went to work on Thursday to find out that I was one of the only four tutors who could be voted for. Ha! It was a hoot. And I think it made me appreciate the award all the more.

It was a glimpse of grace to be awarded such a fun honor. Who knew, right? But an even greater glimpse of grace came with five little words ... "I'm so proud of you." Tere is the director of the writing center. She was also my professor the training seminar when I was starting out as a tutor. She has been a great encouragement to me. And she's just the coolest. And hearing her tell me that she's proud of me was a real blessing. It's amazing what a gift words of affirmation are from those you hold in such high esteem. And that affirmation is such grace when it comes to us, isn't it?

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