Friday, April 23, 2010

GoG 112: The stinkin', daggone, flippin' amazing and exciting purpose!!!

So why is being single so hard?

I mean, I guess I know why it is. But sheesh. ..... Really, if relationships didn't change so much, I think being single would be just fine ... maybe even great!!! But when nearly all of your friends get married, start havin' babies ... move away. Gosh. It's lousy. Lame, even.

So what's so grace-full about that little rant, you might ask? ;) Well, let me tell you.

I, Mical Lynn Masterson, am a very single woman. I told some folks in the writing center the other day that "I am so single it's ridiculous!" Ha ha ha! It makes me laugh out loud still. .... But it's true. But again, why is that great if I'm calling it lousy and lame and other "l" words? .... It's great because God created me ... for a purpose. Yes!!! Did you read those last three words?


That's pretty daggone exciting, don'tcha think? .... The Creator of the UNIVERSE has a PURPOSE (and a mighty one, I might add) for my little life! That's pretty stinkin', daggone, flippin' amazing and exciting!!!!!! And His purpose is for me to be single. ... I don't know how long I'll be single. I could be married by this time next year ... I could be single for another 10 years ... for the rest of my life. (Yes, I am not ruling that out ... God knows, not I.)

Hannah and I have talked a lot about our singleness. We're pretty much the only ones left these days ... out of our comradery of friendships at least. We both want to do something BIG during our single years. Take advantage of the time! Doesn't that sound like a plan??? Why yes ... yes, it does, indeed. :) .... And the first step ... the very first step in taking advantage of my purpose, my single life, is to get excited about it! .... Now this is hard a lot of the time, but I'm gonna keep trying. ... And my GoG for the day is that God is showing me, today .... tonight .... that He has a purpose for not only my singleness but my life. And like I said ... that is pretty stinkin', daggone, flippin' amazing and exciting!

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Anonymous said...

So good to hear this from you, Mical!

It made me think of Colossians....well, the whole book, really.

We have died. Our life is hid with Christ in God. (Col. 3:-4)

Single or married or somewhere in between, Christ is all and is in all. (Col. 3:11)

And purpose, yes a purpose. A plan.
Col. 2:16 says,
"all things were created by Him, and for Him."

All things? Well, you are included that.

Mical Masterson was created by Him, and for Him.

And He has an awesome purpose for you. Right now, and later. Usually nothing close to what we imagined, but Oh! So much better! :)

And even when we don't think we are very "purposeful" where we are.....we can still be used of God. He has us here for a purpose, He has us here for Him.

You are at the writing center FOR HIM. You are at Calvary SoZo FOR HIM. You have served at after-school FOR HIM.

I heard a godly man say last week that "If we will be a people seeking God's glory, we will be a joyful people."

Let's be those people! :)