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50% Sanguine, 30% Choleric, 15% Melancholic, and 5% Phlegmatic

Well, it's official ... ha, it was probably official a long time ago ... I will NEVER be consistent with my blog posts!!!! I am, yet again, over a week behind with my GoGs. It is tough getting one in every single day! .... So ... to give y'all (and myself) a little break from the same kind of post ... I'm gonna finish a post I started a while ago ... here goes.

Quite a while ago, Judy Nilsen posted on her blog about the 4 Temperaments ... so you may already know about these ... but I'd like to take a look into them as well. Initially, I was just gonna take a look at the Sanguine ... 'cause I thought I was strictly that spunky little guy .... but after beginning to read another book about the temperaments, I think I've come to the conclusion that I am (roundabout) 50% Sanguine, 30% Choleric, 15% Melancholic, and 5% Phlegmatic. In case you don't know or remember what each of the temperaments are, read below .....

Phlegmatics are natural peacemakers. They are the quiet observers in the group, content to sit back and take one day at a time without getting their feathers ruffled. Phlegmatics get along with practically everybody. They need a sense of respect, feeling of worth, and emotional support. They do not lack for friends because they enjoy people and have a natural dry sense of humor. Being easygoing and content are great qualities, but when taken to the extreme, the phlegmatic can be seen as indecisive, lazy, and unmotivated. And under all that reserve, there is a hidden stubbornness.

Melancholics are thinkers. Many artists, poets, and musicians are melancholics. Their analytical minds also make them great in mathematic and engineering fields. Much more reserved than extroverts, melancholics prefer a quiet atmosphere and choose friends cautiously. They often exhibit a servant's heart from which other temperaments can learn. They have a need for a sense of stability, space, silence, and support. They usually find their greatest meaning in life through personal sacrifice. They seem to have a desire to make themselves suffer and will often choose a difficult life vocation involving great personal sacrifice. Once chosen, they are prone to be very thorough and persistent in their pursuit of it and are more than likely to accomplish great good. On the downside, melancholics can become moody and easily depressed. Perfectionist attitudes can also give way to criticism of self and others.

Cholerics are considered natural-born leaders. They are the ones who get things done - their way. Cholerics believe they are always right and know exactly the way something should be handled. They are great in an emergency because they make quick, correct judgments, but they can sometimes blow the wind out of an unsuspecting sanguine who is not as organized or as driven. From others, cholerics need to feel a sense of obedience, appreciation for accomplishments, and credit for a job well done. They thrive on activity; in fact, to him, "life is an activity." They do not need to be stimulated by their environment, but rather stimulate their environment with their endless ideas, plans, and ambitions. In the negative, cholerics are often considered too bossy, insensitive, or impatient.

Sanguines love to have fun. Put them in a room with people, and they have a great time. They are easy to get along with; people generally like them. Sanguines are very expressive, enthusiastic, and emotional; and they have a great sense of humor, are creative, and enjoy people. They need attention, affection, approval, and acceptance. They never lack for friends. Their naive, spontaneous, genial nature opens doors and hearts to them. They can genuinely feel the joys and sorrows of the person they meet and have the capacity to make him feel important, as though he were a very special friend. They enjoy people, do not like solitude, but are at their best surrounded by friends where they are the life of the party. Their noisy, blustering, friendly ways make them appear more confident than they really are, but their energy and lovable disposition get them by the rough spots of life. On the downside, they are usually considered scatterbrained or disorganized, not detail oriented, often gullible or naive, and seldom serious minded.

(Descriptions of each temperament taken from Focus on the Family's Women of Worth women's series of significance and Tim LaHaye's Spirit-Controlled Temperament)

Now ... I say50% Sanguine, 30% Choleric, 15% Melancholic, and 5% Phlegmatic because .....

~ Well ... just one conversation with me, and you can tell I'm mostly Sanguine! - Very spazzy, upbeat, and restless. ----- I love people; I love to have fun; I'm very expressive (another word for spazzy, in my book!), enthusiastic (passionate!), and emotional; I am compassionate (really take on and sympathize with the emotions of other people, especially, those I care about most; I'm pretty noisy and friendly and love to be the center of attention; I need approval ... I can't let go if someone doesn't like me or decides not to be my friend anymore; I'm gullible, creative in my own way, have a pretty goofy sense of humor, and people generally like me. :)

~ I didn't start thinking of myself as a choleric person until I talked to my mom and dad about my temperament recently. I've been pretty discouraged about my "spaztivity" ... and yes, I made of a new word. :) ...... I am fairly out there .... not toooo weird, I don't think ... ha! ;) ... But I am definitely my own person. I love what my dad said on Sunday night .... "Mical, you are your own person. There is not anyone even near to who you are ... and I mean that in the best way." Ha! It made me laugh pretty hard. But it's true. Sure, we're all different .... but Mical Masterson is just a super unique kind of person .... she thinks about things completely differently than just about everyone else on the planet! But back to choleric ... where did all of that come from? ... you might ask. I've been discouraged about my Sanguineness .... about who I am ... thinking that I'm "ruining" God's plans by being "this way." ..... But God has been confirming in my heart through various people (a complete stranger, even! You'll hear about him in one of my upcoming GoGs), books, and through His still, small voice .... that He CREATED ME "THIS WAY!!!!" He made me 50% Sanguine, 30% Choleric, 15% Melancholic, and 5% Phlegmatic (or whatever I truly am - I'm just taking a stab at this percentage thing)!!! He WANTS me "this way!!!!!" And He has a PURPOSE for me being "this way!!!!!!!" Isn't that amazing!!!!!!???

Ha! None of that really goes with Choleric, does it? I thought I was gonna bring it back, but I didn't. It was a valuable tangent though ... like all of my tangents are .... rriiigggghhtt .... hahaha! Okay ... well, I've got quite a bit of Choleric in me because ... I'm driven and opinionated and fairly independent. I am very passionate, and when I get an idea or a calling, I run with it - and run hard after it! I'm "always right" ... or so I think ... I have lots of soapboxes (so I'm opinionated) ... I've always been a leader, not likely to follow a crowd. I'm organized and have lots of ideas ... and I thrive on keeping busy - life is always more productive and more enjoyable and has more purpose when I'm busy doing something .... at times, it's just "busy work," but I think a lot of the time, I'm busy serving or being productive - overall, at least. :)

~ Melancholic - I'm a bit of an "artist" - music, creativity, and the like - at least. :) I strive to have a servant's heart ... I've been told I have one. I like to and often ponder on the deep issues of life and of my faith in Jesus. I also need my space at times. I LOVE people! I wouldn't be able to live without them .... and, almost always, I am more energized by being with people than by being alone. But from time to time, I need to get away and be by myself. I've gone on a 3-day camping trip to Turkey Run or taken a one-day mini-road trip to the Indiana Dunes or a hiking trip at a state park by myself to get away for some deep thinking and rejuvenation - away from the hustle-bustle of life and chaos and hard work of relationships. I've also chosen to work in youth ministry - which is a "career" deeply rooted in self-sacrifice .... and I pursue it consistently, with all I am. I also have perfectionist tendencies that make me criticize myself ... and even others sometimes ... but mostly myself.

~ And lastly, the phlegmatic personality .... my dad is very much this temperament ... but not me! Ha! It's the easy-going temperament. People with this personality don't worry about the little things ... they don't even worry about the big things. Whew! I WISH this was me! .... I am a natural peace-maker, and I don't lack for friends .... but other than that, I am far from "not getting ruffled."

It's been great looking into these temperaments on a deeper level. It's really helping me see myself in a new light .... helping me see that GOD, the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe, made me in a specific way, for a specific purpose, and He not only created me THIS specific way, but He WANTS me this specific way!!!! Amazingness!

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