Saturday, May 22, 2010

No more laxness

Golly! This morning was rough. I was in a terrible mood, and every little thing set me off. Have mornings like that from time to time? Sure ... we all have bad moments, bad mornings, bad days ... sometimes bad weeks, months, or years ... seasons in our lives. But hopefully, only from time to time!!! Today was one of those times. I woke up a bit grouchy. I stayed up too late last night (The Gaither Vocal Band is a GOOD reason to stay up late, but still ...). I was a little grouchy ... I don't like to get up early. But a couple of things happened (nothing big at all) ... that set me off in a state of bad attitudeness. Blah. And it was bad. I was super grouchy, and eventually, I started crying. Sheesh. I was being a baby, really ... upset ... stressed, really ... about a couple of silly things not worth getting upset over (like nearly everything I get "upset" over).

Sure, these "bad" things that popped up could have caused my bad attitude, but really, ultimately, it boiled down to a lack of God's Word in my heart and mind. Any time I get lax in my Bible reading, my attitude really, REALLY suffers. I've been reading a bit this week ... I've been memorizing Colossians 3:1-17 ... but I haven't been spending real, quality time with Jesus ... really taking the time to get into the Word. Hence, my bad attitude. Bluck. :(

I've been in and out of this laxness over the past year. Man. It's awful. So I'm gonna take the 21-day challenge given by one of my guys. Andy's been leading our SoZo Sr. High Bible Study for a few months now ... and he challenged us with the 21-day challenge a couple of weeks ago ... I did nothing. But I'm gonna try again! Read my Bible for 21 days ... and get BACK INTO the habit. Sad that I need to do that .... but sometimes we get our mind off of the things above and on the earthly things ... and we need our perspective changed.

Come with me! Have you been struggling to make Jesus your all? Take the 21-day challenge with me! It'll change us ... for life! :)

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Anonymous said...

Same goes in my life.
The less of Jesus, the more of ME that fills the time and space.

And that's NEVER a good my co-workers and family can testify. :)

I encourage you to spend more time with Jesus! Sometimes it's more difficult at first, but it's always worth it. Sometimes it helps me to pick a subject that really applies to my life, or something that I really need to learn.
Othertimes I just stick to one book and read it through.

Just pray about what He wants you to read, and let Him guide you to a section that will most strengthen your heart and prepare you for your life. He will gently point you in the right directions.

I've been loving Titus recently. I've read through it in different translations, and there's always something new that pops out at me.
And it fits into another study I was doing, so that was great! :)