Thursday, May 20, 2010

GoG 139: The Lord Most High

Oh my word! Could it be true??? Mical Masterson is finally caught up with her blog project??? Wow!!!!!! Now, that's a glimpse of grace right there!!!!!! Hahaha!

Ha! I guess I'll go with my other glimpse of grace for the day anyway. :) ..... Again, like I've said a couple different times on my blog, I am singing on the worship team this month. Tonight, we were practicing for Sunday morning ... and one of the songs were are singing is called "Lord Most High" ... or "Be Magnified." Really great song. We don't sing it often, so I wanted to make sure we sang it this month! The chorus goes like this ... "Throughout the endless ages, You will be crowned with praises, Lord Most High. Exalted in every nation. Author of all creation, Lord Most High. Be magnified." .... Oh! It is so good! You gotta hear it with the music to get the full affect ... but man, oh man! I could get pentecostal with that song!!! :D

Worship is so cool .... and so full of grace :)

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