Wednesday, May 19, 2010

GoG 118: The Sing

Wow .... how on earth did I think I could blog every SINGLE day of 2010??? What a lofty goal! ... Oh well. It has been a great project. It's really helped me see God in a new way. And that was the ultimate goal, right? Right. So all is well.

Well, on to some more blogging. I'm weeks behind ...... and I won't get caught up tonight ... or this morning, rather ... it's 1:25am ... but I'm gonna blog a bit before bed.

GoG 118: The Sing

All this month I've been leading worship at Calvary with my buddy, Jon. Oh my, it's been great! Those who know me well, know that I love to sing! It's one of my all-time favorite things to do! And singing with Jon is my favorite singing that I do! Jon and I love the same kind of music. We both love to sing. We're both pretty good. He's far better than I am ... but we can both do more than simply carry a tune, so that makes singing together more fun!

That first worship team practice was great 'cause it set the tone for the whole month. Jon and I met earlier than the rest of the team to pick out songs. I got there early, eating my dinner while looking through the song list. He strolled in a little late (as he often does) ;) ... with a big grin on his face ... and that loveable, care-free attitude that he often exudes. :) It made my night to simply sit with him and pick out music, chat with him, laugh with him .... and then sing the night away with him.

God's grace in this night was having a friend in Jon Adamson.
God's grace in this night was laughing with and at a dear friend.
But ultimately, God's grace in this night was having a night to sing with one of my favorite guys in the whole world. :)

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