Monday, May 31, 2010

GoG 144: The Adorable Jamaican Guy :)

Tuesday was the second day of our Mackinaw trip. We went to Mackinac Island for the day ... and it was a ton of fun! I could talk about several glimpses of grace for the day ... looking like an idiot while trying to ride a bike after probably 8 or more years of NOT riding a bike (it was hilarious!), the sites as we rode our bikes around the 8-mile trail around the island, the ferry ride (gorgeous ... and such a blast!), walking through the fun little shops, getting an ice cream cone, on and on ... but ... the glimpse of grace I will tell you about involves an adorable Jamaican guy giving me his phone number! :D Ha ha ha!

At the end of the day on Tuesday, we were headed to the dock to catch the ferry back to Mackinaw City. At the dock, we ran into a group of guys working there. One of them asked us how we were doing, and I perked up, as I often do, and smiled and said, "Good, How are you?" He kept walking, didn't look at me - so he either didn't expect an answer and kept walking or he didn't hear me - either way ... the other guy, the cute Jamaican guy, looked up from putting our bikes away, gave me the warmest, friendliest smile ever, and said, "Good!"

So Hannah and I went to the bathroom, and I asked her ... "Did you see the way that guy looked at me?" She didn't notice. So we headed back to the dock a few minutes later. And the guy gave me the same look. As we walked to sit down, Hannah said, "I saw it that time!" So we sat down ... just waiting for the ferry. We were pretty early, so we sat for quite a long time. Well, eventually, this guy came down to our end of the dock to talk to one of the other guys ... and then, after a little while, made his way over to us. He struck up conversation with us for awhile ... all the while smiling hugely at me. Adorable. He was so friendly, and he smiled the whole time. He laughed at me when I finally saw his name tag and said, "Well, half the questions I've asked you are answered on your name tag." On his name tag, it read "Shepler's," "Damian," and "Jamaica." Where he works, his name, and where he's from. Ha! We had a good time. He laughed at my quirkiness, and he was really fun.

I'll spare all the girly details 'cause I could probably go all day about my 45-minute crush on the guy. ;) But let me share just one more fun detail. Later that day, after we said goodbye to Damian, we road our bikes back to our hotel. On the way, Hannah crossed a street, and I saw a car coming from the corner of my eye ... so I stopped ... and as it turned, I saw it was him! Damian. Ha! He pulled over to the side of the rode, and I hopped off my bike and headed over to his window. I asked, "What are you doing here?" and laughed ... and he just gave me a big grin, handed me a piece of paper, and said, "Call me sometime!" Ha ha! It was hilarious! And what a good story, right?

.... And that's the story of the cute, Jamaican guy named Damian. :) It's grace for a guy to think you're cute, right? .... Well, of course it is! ;)

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Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA!!!! That was awesome! And...he was super cute!!!!!! ;)