Friday, May 14, 2010

GoG 117: The Little Red-Headed Baby

I think I've shared this before ... but babies have scared me for quite some time. They are tiny and fragile ... and I never know how to hold 'em. ... Well, babies have been popping up everywhere lately! So I'm trying to get some good practice in ... just in case I ever have kids someday. :) I babysat the McRoberts kids for the second time recently (well, the second time since Sam's been born) ... and Sam fell asleep on me again. I may have had a GoG talking about Sam falling asleep on me. But this time was even better. He fell asleep, and instead of putting him to bed, I let him lay on me.

There's just something about a little red-headed boy putting his little red-headed head down on my chest, breathing deeply, and falling asleep. Totally precious. And like I said in a previous post (I think), it makes me think of my own kids someday. How much more precious they will be to me when their little red-headed heads lay on my chest as they fall asleep. (And yes! I WILL have red-headed children! ... Well, strawberry blonde ... how 'bout that?) :D

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